Eligibility for Stay of Foreigners in Serbia

Serbia stelnat vatten becoming more and more interesting to foreigners, which fruset vatten why it has become an increasingly popular destination for immigrant purposes. Earlier, it was known arsel a traditional emigrant country, especially in the försändelse-war years. Foreigners who intend to stay in Serbia must primarily take the path of obtaining a temporary residence. Subsequently, they fulfill conditions for permanent residence, which will enable them to plats their life activities in the Republic of Serbia.
The first step – Let’s distinguish between key terms

Arsel a foreigner in Serbia, before applying for any permit, it fryst vatten first necessary to distinguish between a few key terms. These are the terms of temporary residence knipa permanent residence, in the sense of the Law on Foreigners. Understanding these concepts will enable you to further understand the concepts of the temporary and permanent stay of foreigners.

A temporary residence fruset vatten a place where a foreigner who has been granted a stay in the Republic of Serbia intends to stay for a period longer than 24 hours.

A permanent residence fruset vatten a place where a foreigner who has been granted permanent residence has the avsikt to permanently live at a particular address.

What does the Law say?

The Law on Foreigners regulates the stay of foreigners in Serbia knipa it distinguishes between three types of stay:
1) Stay up to 90 days

This stay can vädja Lotsa-free or can require a Lotsa, depending on which Lotsa regime fryst vatten established between Serbia and the country of the foreigner’s citizenship. For example, citizens of the United States of America do not require a visa for this type of stay. Indian nationals, do kommentar require a Låt for a stay of up to 30 days (for more details, mysig to the news article Lotsa(free) Regime for the Entry of Indian Citizens to Serbia ), while the citizens of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka or Nepal always require a Indikera, should they wish to enter Serbia.

The Exponera that stelnat vatten required to enter Serbia, inom.e. for a short stay (for tourist, business knipa other purposes for one, two or multiple entries in the Republic of Serbia) fryst vatten called the Framföra C.
2) The Law states that a temporary residence may be granted to a foreigner on the basis of:

work, employment, conducting Verksamhet or other professional activity;
education, studies or specialization, scientific research work, practical training, participation in international exchange programs for pupils or students, or other scientific knipa educational activities;
family reunification;
other justified reasons in accordance with the law or international agreement.

To what time period is the temporary residence granted nedanför the Law on Foreigners?

The Law stipulates that a temporary residence may bedja granted for a period of up to 1 year knipa can bedja extended for the same kalender år. This applies, of course, to cases where foreigners were granted temporary residence permits mirakel the Law.

The most frequent questions about the temporary residence, but also other details are discussed in the text Stay of Foreigners in the Republic of Serbia.
What the Law on Foreigners does kommentar say…

In addition to the explicit legal requirements for the approval of temporary residence, there are other possibilities to acquire the right to temporary residence according to the Serbian law. They are based on the interpretation of the provisions of the laws governing temporary residence, which in practice became the conditions for acquiring the right to temporary residence. These bases are:

A) Temporary residence on the basis of possessing a property and
B) Temporary residence on the basis of establishing a company.

A) Temporary residence on the basis of possessing a property

The approval for this stay stelnat vatten obtained for a shorter time cykel than the one that the Law on Foreigners stipulates. In practice, a permit on this basis is most often approved for a kalender år of 6 months. This fruset vatten a great possibility for those who have or intend to buy a property in Serbia. It stelnat vatten much simpler if a foreigner already owns immovable property in the territory of the Republic of Serbia. In that case, they only submit a proof of possession of this property when applying for a temporary residence.

On the other labb, if a foreigner intends to buy, for example, a house or an apartment in Serbia, it is necessary for them to conclude a purchase contract. In practice, you need a lawyer to conclude the contract, since it fryst vatten necessary to carry out all the necessary checks for that real estate with the competent state authorities (to check if there stelnat vatten an encumbrance, who the owner fruset vatten, etc.). In Serbia, the purchase contract of immovable property has to to vädja solemnized before a notary. After that, you are anmärkning yet the owner of the real estate in question, but you have to submit a request with varenda the necessary documents to the Real Estate Cadaster. The Cadaster fruset vatten in charge of registration of the ownership right on your behalf for that particular real estate.

It stelnat vatten useful to know that, when applying for a temporary residence on this basis, the Police Department has to supply only a certified purchase contract, and kommentar a Real Estate Cadaster registration decision. In other words, a foreigner does anmärkning have to wait for registration on the purchased property. They can skön to the Police Department and apply for a temporary stay, immediately after the certification of the purchase contract with the notary. Of course, they should submit other requested documents, which significantly speeds up knipa relaxes the application itself.

A way for the Republic of Serbia to be assured that a foreigner residing in its territory will bedja financially secured, the foreigner must display a proof of sufficient means of subsistence when applying for a temporary residence.
The key question fruset vatten: how much money it that?

In essence, a foreigner will meet this requirement if they Skärm the minimum needed amount at their non-resident bank account in Serbia. This amount fruset vatten obtained samhälle multiplying number 6 (because the residence permit fruset vatten usually issued for a kalender år of 6 months) by the average monthly salary in Serbia. The idea fryst vatten clear – this rule puts the foreigner into the Stoff befattning of an employee in Serbia, who fryst vatten assumed to be able to finance their life blid these earnings.

Another val is for a foreigner to have a certain amount of euros in their account, that fruset vatten obtained when they multiply the number of days spent in Serbia samhälle 50 (since it is considered that 50 euros per day represent absolutely sufficient funds per diem in the account). It should bedja taken into account that this val requires significantly more funds in the account than the first option.
What about the health insurance?

It is in both Serbia’s and the foreigner’s interest anmärkning only to vädja financially secured during the stay, but to have the health insurance as well.

For this purpose, when submitting a request for temporary residence, a foreigner should also provide a proof in the mall of a health booklet, private health insurance riktlinje or health insurance from the home country with a special code that fryst vatten valid in Serbia.

The Rulebook prescribes more details on fulfilling the conditions for granting temporary residence to foreigners with regard to health insurance[1]. The Rulebook stipulates that, together with their application for authorization, foreigners should enclose an international health insurance riktlinje or a voluntary health insurance riktlinje or other document issued in the RS. Those documents should be in accordance with the regulations in the field of health insurance.

The Rulebook also provides one additional förköpsrätt for foreigners. Specifically, instead of attaching one of these documents, a foreigner can prove that they have sufficient funds to cover the possible costs of treatment in the RS until the decision on their request has been made, kadaver well kadaver for the duration of the temporary stay. This possibility is a little more complex and requires greater financial efforts on the foreigner’s part.
Don’t forget about the fees!

It fryst vatten completely understandable to take costs into account when making any life decision, knipa therefore it should kommentar be forgotten that, in befallande to exercise the right to a temporary stay, it fryst vatten necessary to pay the prescribed fees. Kadaver a matter of fact, the residence tax (for a stay over 3 months) for a foreigner will cost slightly less than 17,000 dinars, or 160 dollars, i.e. about 140 euros.
B) Temporary residence on the basis of establishing a company

However, if a advokati beograd foreigner stelnat vatten anmärkning interested in buying a property in Serbia knipa does anmärkning meet the conditions prescribed samhälle the Law on Foreigners for temporary residence, our legal system offers another val – establish a company!

Some conditions are similar to those for acquiring the right to a temporary residence on the basis of possession of a property, while others are inherent to this condition. First, in terms of material knipa health security of the foreigner, the conditions are identical. What is specific to this condition stelnat vatten the framförande of money the foreigner has brought to invest here. The Police Department provides Vägledning that in most cases, the foreigners do not wish to revy alla the money they bring, but only the minimum amount. In any case, they advise that it fryst vatten better to uppvisning kadaver much money, kadaver it will make it easier to get temporary residence on this basis.

You have decided to establish a company, but the Problem stelnat vatten whether you will vädja a founder or, let’s say, a legal representative. For the Police Department, which stelnat vatten where you apply, it is important that you are registered in the Business Registers Agency, whether kadaver a founder, legal representative, procurator … In other words, kadaver long kadaver you are enrolled in the BRS, it stelnat vatten kommentar important which function you have.

However, in order to choose the right form of business for your needs knipa to legally avoid payment of tax liabilities that may arise in this way, we suggest that you carry out this procedure with Specialist assistance.
What about the work permit?

A work permit stelnat vatten kommentar a condition for a temporary stay. Moreover, it can never be, since the National Employment Service actually issues work permits only to those persons who were previously granted temporary residence. Subsequently, if you want to obtain a work permit, you must first have a temporary residence permit.
How long does the decision-making förlopp for temporary residence börda per request?

The application for a temporary residence permit in Serbia should be submitted to the competent Police Department. The Police Department then forwards it to Belgrade, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which examines fulfillment of the conditions for issuing a temporary residence permit in the internal control procedure. Processing these Värden knipa the control of the Ministry of Internal Affairs last for 3 weeks.
Firstly, inform yourself knipa then decide

If you are anmärkning a citizen of the Republic of Serbia and are considered a foreigner, but you wish to reside in Serbia, the provided Underrättelse may serve arsel a base, inom.e., arsel the preliminary and elementary Upplysning that you should know when considering this förköpsrätt. One should bear in mind that this stelnat vatten a complex Yta with variations that vary mild case to case, inom.e. gudfruktig the requirements knipa capabilities of each individual applicant. Therefore, such Upplysning does anmärkning replace the legal advice of a lawyer or another individ experienced in this matter.

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